So sad

Do you have an attorney? If not, have you contacted the Public Defenders’ Office?  Also: (as long as you are not doing anything against the advice of your attorney) you might see if you can find any answers here: and here:

Derinda's beginnings with writing

My heart is hurting so bad. Dealing with the police is always so gut wrenching.

The love of my life is sitting in jail and he shouldn’t even be there.

So check this out. He got in a little trouble back last year but we did everything that the court ordered us to do. Then out of the blue the cops show up in the middle of the night completely unexpected saying they have a warrant due to a failure to appear.

This is the reason I hate dealing with cops and courts.

The judge had told us at the last court date that everything was taken care of and that they would defer the payments for 6 months then we find out that the payments in fact were not deferred and I feel like we were tricked into getting in more trouble because they said they were going to…

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