Cindy Kay Currier VIDEO 4-27-17… “How the “good guys” punked the CIA”… “We are seeing a move back to the people…”

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This Cindy Kay Currier message I found really hit some of my “Truth points”, and rang a lot of “resonance bells”, and connected many “what the hell is going on with this US thing” dots.

In particular, she covered the Antiquities Act EO and education-related matters (no more Common Core), and others, and how these actions are, one step at a time, turning back responsibilities to individual states, and individual communities, rather than keeping them under the grand Federal (aka, corporation) umbrella. CKC said, “We are seeing a move back to the people, and control of their own lives”.

It also helped me to understand why President Trump has brought in so many former military to his cabinet, and those formerly from large banking institutions.

She also mentioned the famous “David Wilcock/Drake” interview of 2012, where “mass arrests” were coming and many of us (yes, I was one…

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