Why did NBC reportedly pay Chelsea Clinton $600,000 a year?

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Why did NBC reportedly pay Chelsea Clinton $600,000 a year?:

NBC’s hiring of Chelsea Clinton as a “special correspondent” in its news division was widely recognized as an exercise in corporate cynicism when it wasannounced in November 2011.

Now a price tag has been hung on that scandal, withPolitico’s reportingthat Clinton has been paid a salary of $600,000. The network hasn’t confirmed the figure, but it hasn’t denied it either, and responded to Politico’s questions by asserting that it “continues to enjoy a wonderful working relationship with Chelsea, and we are proud of her work.”

It’s that last part that’s particularly head-scratching, for as a news correspondent for NBC, Clinton hasn’t done anything to be proud of. Quite the contrary. The disclosure raises the obvious question of NBC’s goal in giving a person without any measurable journalistic or broadcasting experience or any particular public following…

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