Careful what you ask for…

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…you might get it!

Just ask any Dumbocrat, they asked and they got; now they’re complaining loudly.

Dem Senator: Why Yes–A Lot Of Us Called For Comey’s Resignation

James Comey is no longer leading the FBI, but Democrats are still not happy. In fact, they’re throwing out the Nixonian and Watergate comparisons. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. Yet, let’s also not forget that the Democrats, for the most part, were calling for Mr. Comey’s firing ever since he informed Congress that the FBI would be reviewing more emails 11 days before Election Day. They wanted his head on a pike.

It’s a question that MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson brought up with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), where the senator admitted that a lot of party members wanted Comey out at the FBI.


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