Mysterious Scotland

Copy of DSC_0001sign near The Falkirk Wheel

It was mid-November, 1991, late at night, and two amatuer photographers stood at Polmont Reserviour, to take pictures of the BP chemicals plant in Grangemouth. Somewhere amid the illuminations of the chemical pyres and towers, they noticed two small, dimly flashing lights over near Kincardine Bridge, a couple miles west of the plant, and assumed they were from the large pylons there. Then, they changed their mind and agreed it was a helicopter, as it flew slowly from the bridge to hover over centre Grangemouth. In the still of night they noted this craft, whatever it was, was emitting no sound. At roughly 2,000 feet above the ground, it suddenly dipped and flew towards them, briefly sitting about 200 ft above their heads, before flying off. This was one of the first major sightings to take place in the Bonnybridge Triangle.

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