Strange Happenings at Roswell, New Mexico

Jaspa's Journal

Despite being the 5th largest city in New Mexico, Roswell comes across as a sleepy kind of place. The local economy is based on farming and ranching, and I can’t imagine anything particularly exciting happens here these days. Not the sort of thing that would draw a whole lot of visitors, at any rate.

Bisckits getting into the local spirit of things in Roswell

But of course Roswell does have one claim to fame, although ironically it’s for an incident that actually happened quite some distance outside the town.

In July 1947, strange debris was found on the Foster Homestead, to the northwest of Roswell. The official line is that it was part of a balloon from a top secret operation called Project Mogul. Others claim the ‘Roswell Incident’ was the crash site of an alien flying saucer, and that the craft and its extraterrestrial pilots were shipped off…

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