Bill and Hillary received $2.85M selling U.S. uranium to the Russians

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Russian collusion Bill Hillary Clinton US uraniumSource: Bill and Hillary received $2.85M selling U.S. uranium to the Russians

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June 8, 2017

The Clintons actually did business with the Russians and the media is ignoring it

(INTELLIHUB) — At least $2.85 million dollars flowed to the Clinton Family through a series of five Russian-backed donations after a massive uranium deal was signed off by the State Department and other agencies during Hillary’s tenure.

Shockingly, between the years of 2009-2013 Russian-backed interests assumed control of one-fifth (20%) of the U.S. uranium supply along with several highly-lucrative mines in Kazakhstan through a secret backdoor deal with the Clintons, as reported by Joe Becker and Mike McIntire in April of 2015.

The report was groundbreaking. And if you think about it, the report should have triggered the real Russian narrative. You know, the one where the Clinton’s sold America’s most strategic asset…

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