A Letter to Liberals 

common sense?

This will not be a nice to blog if you consider yourself a liberal.

Dear Liberals,

You are not the new Civil Rights movement. You are not even the new occupy wall street movement. You are an embarrassment to those who came before you and a blueprint of how not to do things for those who come after you. You are delusional and hypocritical. You are elitist and condescending. You are useless and laughable. You are predictable and exploitable. You are everything that caused a Trump victory and unless you change you will continue to be all those things.

Politicians don’t take you seriously. America doesn’t take you seriously. The media doesn’t take you seriously. You are a sad national joke. Let me explain why.

You call for people to fight against an issue but only as long as it can be resolved before the next issue catches your eye…

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