Past the Solstice to the Summer of Rage

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On 19 June 00:15 BST, as Aquarius rose to the 29th degree and Mars moved into a 10 degree orb of opposition to Pluto, while the Moon shifted to 10 degrees conjunct to Uranus in Aries; the UK witnessed its first revenge attack against Islamic terrorism.

Finsbury Park attack - 19 June 2017 - astrology wheel Finsbury Park attack – 19 June 2017

It was a bit of an odd affair. Some low IQ half baked Welsh rabbit rents a white van, drives all the way to London. arrives rather late, but in good timing to run into the last of a late night early morning crowd, leaving a community center nearby the Finsbury Park Mosque of all places. Finsbury Park Mosque –  London Jihadi centralLondon Jihadi central, and central HQ of government sponsored Islamic terror. They were even given an award or two for it!

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