Roadside Ghost sex: The Horrific encounter that shocked a nation!!

The paranormal chronicles


Location: A40 between St Clears and Narberth, West Wales

Chronicled by G L Davies

 This report has since made U.K national headlines

Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity

We at the Paranormal Chronicles knew that our Ghost sex report would cause a stir due to the nature of the account however what we did not imagine was the overwhelming response to the subject and world wide media coverage. From all over the world, we have received messages from those that believe that they have been subjected to the same or similar experience and of course the backlash from those that we unintentionally offended who were appalled at the notion that such a thing could take place or that ghosts even exist.

 54% of voters on our poll believe a ghost can have sex with a person (732 Votes)

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 We of course are not here to offend.We are here to…

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