The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics

Agree with you. The only thing I would change is change your sentence “Their ideology is based on Socialism which has never worked anywhere it has been tried.” to “Their ideology is based on Marxism which has never worked anywhere it has been tried.” Let us call it what it is: Marxism. See, also:

Jim Campbell's

The author, Mark Lilla does a masterful job of pointing out why the “Left, liberals and progressives, have been participants in a woeful game of identity politics, bereft of ideas on how they will win back majorities in either house of Congress or the U.S. Presidency anytime soon.

Factually,today’s progressives who have hijacked the once proud Democrat party and see themselves as victims of a a “Zero-sum game.”


The Zero-sum game implies, if you have it, as in wealth, that it was taken from uswhen nothing could be further from the truth.

They view wealth as a pie with a small missing piece, their portion, with the rest belonging to Republicans, or the “Evil rich,” as they call them.

The author then suggests that they need a new slogan to invigorate their voters.

When I think of today’s progressives I dismiss them as woeful masses who…

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