Intel Memo: Marco Rubio Targeted For Assassination By Venezuela Lawmaker

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Senator Marco Rubio may have been targeted for assassination by one of Venezuela’s most powerful lawmakers and long time secretive head of the country’s security services. According to the Miami Herald, the US Department of Homeland Security disseminated a sensitive memo to federal agencies last month which identified Diosdado Cabello Rondon as behind the “order to have Senator Rubio assassinated,” while also noting the intelligence to be unverified as ?no specific information regarding an assassination plot against Senator Rubio has been garnered thus far.”

Cabello Rondon is widely believed to be Venezuela’s second most-powerful man and head of the country’s military and security services. US media has referred to him as “the Frank Underwood of Venezuela” (from the TV series House of Cards) for his well-known history of corruption, suspicion of drug trafficking, andMachiavellian plotting against rivals and involvement in pro-Chavez military crackdowns. As a behind the…

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