3/25/2020 Day 4 Mandatory Isolation

social distancing distractions

Today was a bit different than the others. I woke up in a total panic worried about my children and oddly a dog that we had growing up that I positively despised.

I don’t know why I was worried about the dog The human mind is layered and my layers are layered with layers.

Waking up startled is never really the greatest way to start a day. However I could have been startled awake by a gun or someone in uniform announcing marshal law was here and I was on the list of trouble makers to be rounded up and executed on the public square ( that’s how I’ve died my last 3 deaths. It’s getting a tad annoying)

I didn’t spend more than ten minutes on social media or online period today I just felt the energy and watched out my window watching all the people who were breaking…

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