The Iranian Regime’s Obsession with Power Creates the Worst Coronavirus Outbreak

Freedom Star

Nurses in an Iranian hospital taking care of those diagnosed with the COVID-19

Iran may now be the site of the world’s worstcoronavirus outbreak.Official figures from the Iranian government suggest that the country is no worse than France in terms of number of confirmed cases, and still well-behind China in terms of the number of deaths. But Iran’s totals are the product of a longstandingcover-up, which has seen dozens of Iranians arrested and has slowed the international response to a worsening humanitarian crisis.

In reality, is appears likely that well over a million Iranians have been afflicted by Covid-19. The National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI)has been closely tracking the cases and has determined that over13,600 people have already died from the illness. This finding is corroborated by reports in Western media that quote Iranian medical professionals as saying that dozens of patients are dying…

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