A man of conviction

Astrology and the Astrological World

For the past four days i have been sticking to my convictions, and it has been hard but i have managed it. I decided I just didn’t want to hear anything related to ‘you know what i mean’ I am not even going to say the two words used. It has been hard but it is possible to listen to the Radio and watch TV without doing so, if you are smart enough.

I know I come across as a person who is righteous and opinionated and indeed i am ‘that’ in many ways, but there is more to me than that.

I will not listen to Government spiel, and I won’t listen to the Queen’s address to the nation on Sunday, if she says she is stepping-down from her Royal duties i will find-out in good time, but I suspect NOT, no, whatever she says its sure to be…

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