20191106: Rally Thread, Monroe, Louisiana

Written before the Covid19 Pandemic, but all good points.
Super article about remembering WHO WE ARE!
By the way, aren’t the Duck Dynasty guys from West Monroe, LA? (See, also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Monroe,_Louisiana#Notable_people )

The Q Tree

Say it with me….. “MUN-row”. Okay, now say it faster, “MUN-row”. That’s how you properly say, Monroe. Now, say “LWEEZ-i-ana”, with a soft “L” – almost ignoring the “L”. Very good, very good. Now, string it all together, “MUN-row…… LWEEZ-i-ana” and you’ve got it. In New Orleans, the accent is more like Brooklyn or Boston, but in Monroe, the accent has a southern lilt ….. but faster. Excellent, now you’re ready for Sunday dinner with Aunt Bette after church. Welcome to Monroe!

Monroe is the halfway point between Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Shreveport, Louisiana, and so is their culture. Monroe is a cross between the ruggedness made famous by the Duck Dynasty guys in Shreveport – with a healthy dose of southern gentility from Vicksburg. If we widened our view, Monroe would…

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